Event and Photos

Casa Kidz Montessori Parents Day

Casa Kidz Montessori Parents Day @ Denai Alam was held on Saturday 10th of July 2010. Zuha wakes up really early that morning and was so excited because she and her classmates will perform Nasyid and also presentation on their Bag Project. Mummy also was so excited because mummy will get a booth to display Adorable Qids baju kurung. Thanks to both Teacher Mahani & Teacher Rozi! One thing I really like about the Montessori although they only started this year is because of the balance of both world teaching concept. They put emphasis on English and at the same time the kids learn about Qiraati and solat. My Zuha was really shy and quiet when we first sent her and now she has improved a lot on her social skills and behaviour. She’s a very happy child indeed..very caring, obidient, neat and very responsible. Alhamdulillah at 5 years old she can perform her solat and really glad on her development at school. At first we were sceptical about her progress because the teaching method is very different than normal kindy that we are used to. For instance here children of different ages share the same classes, and are encouraged to collaborate and help each other. They hardly bring back any homework but the teaching method focuses on the individual progress and development of each child. Well at the end of the day it depends on parents preferences actually..some parents would want their kids to master reading at the early age of 3 or 4, but for me as long as my child is happy going to school everyday that's an achievement already. Most importantly shower them with loads and loads of loves.

Alhamdulillah..quite brisk sales at Adorable Qids booth... thanks to my valued customer who purchase the kurungs..

Some of the pics during the parents day.

Zuha 'n' sister Zafirah while waiting for mummy to get dressed for the event

Welcome All Parents & Kids @ Casa Kidz Montessori

Some of the parents enjoying their breakfast..

Breakfast for parents &  kids..

Adorable Qids booth..

Some of the displayed kurungs..

Little sizes on the far left..

Zuha's masterpiece

The kids bag project

Visit to Dominos Pizza

Zuha 'n' friend Sofia

Nasyid performance by the kids

Zuha 'n' friend Aisyah

Sweet Zuha

Bag Project Presentation

Teacher Rozi 'n" Mahani