Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baju Kurung...

I'm a cotton lover and loves to see kids in cotton especially kurung. My 5 year old sweet Zuha loves to wear baju kurung so much. At her Montessori she managed to persuade her teacher to allow her to wear kurung every Friday. She's so happy when given the permission and until now she still wears baju kurung on Friday and somehow or rather the girls at the Montessori also like the idea and most of them wear kurung too. Since she only has few kurungs in her wardrobe therefore I've decided to sew her a few more so that she won't be wearing the same one every other week. From there onwards I've been getting requests from the girls' moms at the Montessori to sell kurung to them. That's how my small homebased business started. Insyaallah from time to time I will also share some of my crafty ideas for readers.


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